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Presidents Message: We ARE Different

As you can tell from our home page we ARE different.

TSI was born from the idea that IT can and should be an asset rather than a cost to business. For 17 years this idea has been the foundation upon every system we design and implement.

This year alone, our clients will make 1.6 MILLION dollars in additional revenue from systems designed from this thinking.

Our team has built:

~  A 70 Million dollar property procurement system in 4 DAYS!

~  A government management system that received over 2 BILLION hits in a single day without failing

~  An award winning, first in the world, Physician training and certification system using ZERO custom code!

We can help you realize this level of success and much more. Simply give us a call or reach out via email and tell us what’s keeping you awake at night or what you dream of finally getting done and working.

Sensible, working IT is possible.

Give us that call and we’ll work it out together.

Jason Schraefel
Technology Solutions (TSI) Inc.